by Aberrant Phase

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morlakii Angular guitars smash into under your skin rhythms. RIYL Dillinger Escape Plan, Mike Patton & Cobalt. A++ Favorite track: Anodyne.
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released October 31, 2016

Mixed by Scott Evans at Antisleep Audio
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege Mastering
Guest vocals on Stitches by Carmen Caruso



all rights reserved


Aberrant Phase San Francisco, California

Aberrant Phase blends metal, hardcore and mathrock with eerie vocals to paint a sonic landscape that is both haunting and brutal.

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Track Name: Nail
caught a glimpse of the law
that runs through the heart
suddenly starts to rise
and cuts through the dark

I’m not saying that you killed him yourself
but then again you’re not in the clear either
what's more it's murder one

I go to bed every night with the lights on
under my skin
in my dreams I build cages

when I awake I head straight for the faucet
just to wash out the thoughts
that remain I disdain every notion stuck in my head

drowning out the pages that don’t belong
words that used to linger and call out
write it down write it down right now
before it's gone

all that’s certain crossed out she said tear it all down
backwards spilled out dripping on the lost
who’s gonna be flickering tonight over my head
once more your land trampled drawn out past the border
outside echoes linger on

floating all night
lights out all day

learn how to salivate on cue
learn how to tolerate the view
learn how to fall away and through
learn how to rise into the bloom
learn how to shine the rusted truth
learn how to find the here in you
learn how to tell the the mirror to
learn how to disappear just learn
learn how to die learn by the tide

where did it all go wrong?
Track Name: Avoid
my hands to my legs consider them dead
I said to my breath I said ‘oh well’
can't sleep I can't eat I can’t find my way home
considered my life I considered the end

loaded your skin with all you’re bearing
shattered the underside the cracking weight gives
salt in the varicose burning you don’t mind
fault line surgery the colors die

all these waves falling out of your window
leading you back to the open sea
already gone with your sideways glance always on
partial windows only show
all the ways that you wrote off all the words meant to guide
all the waves that you rode on over pave-meant to guide

back in the corner again with your eyes in tune
to the fallen light of the sheared down moon
it looks just like him in the crooked lines
it looks just like him and his crooked eyes

I'm not coming back I’m long gone
it’s all turning black it’s all said and done
laid out all for you now I’m just too far gone I can’t
I’m not coming back

now that the fallout shows the shape
cavernous shell of who you’ve been
and all that crawled out to dance along weather-vein skin

fallen asleep at last found the ripped out page
flipped it over and asked why

comes into being rolls over your head
fills in the cracks of this hung up wasted daybreak sky

hello my lady hello my love my god how long has it been
right there where the needles stick
I swear as I stare at the counterfeit

in the middle of the carnival evening lost with all the clowns
loaded was the cannon to shoot him out of the crowd

should we let him in the forest or send him down a well of fire
march this man to the front of his own line

lost his mind cause he never went back to his home and family
the author swore that he'd never fall into the tale he scripted
hardened boots that he couldn’t grow into despite the form fit
lost time cause he never made room for the past brought him
run along wash it down finally shutting it out
Track Name: Anodyne
crawling out of the masterpiece dragging her mate
call and you call and you call to her
till she calls what you raze
now you're falling apart again

cut out this racket it’s killing me
return the way that you came
cut all the strings that are binding us

caught in the wild all the mistakes
all the lines that were broken
all the while all the edges caught the wild

all in my head and the whole of my heart
there’s a hole in my heart and a hole in my head
and a spear in my heart theres a hole in my head
theres a hole in my heart now it's clear in my head

run it through your vein you said to me

the whole of my head is a hole like my heart
like the heart in my bed like the spear through my heart
and I’m holding my head like your holding my heart
now I’m holding my heart theres a hold on my head

in my last portrayal I’ll play an honest man
stripped down and shown the meaning of

I know you’re here I feel you I hear you breathing
through these walls skin casting and reflecting

please just one small request no counterfeit
displays of trust pride no storing up inside

after their last crusade there will be nothing left so

for every moment now
there is a chance to change us
before we’re left for dead
there’s still a chance to claim us

shining down
shining through
colors that beg
let it in
let us in
let it in

today the loaded mile
tomorrow’s gold
Track Name: In Winter
are we all... are we gone?

insight, foresight where have you been
we'll take the low road you won’t need a thing
with your eyes shut your ears plugged
what would you feel?
the words are imploding
now how does it feel?

here we’re all waiting in line for them
here we’re all waiting in line for her

cold in my head gone are the leaves
white like December with shadows that bleed
and I saw you fall down from the limb
follow the leader it’s up to the wind

and in my heart I feel your sensing ocean
and in your mind I see your blue-grey sky
and when they merge into the final potion
we'll let our skin erode and our bones will unite

lay right there stiffen your smile like
you could’ve been out of your mind
their lies opened your shell force-fed
to the tune of all the rest

just in time to find all the ways you’re
on again off and then on like a lighthouse call
I tried but failed to map all your stars above
I see greed I feel teeth weeping neanderthal
is that you climbing up or am I just sliding down

open your eye
don’t know
will it come back if we try
this time
left in your hand so still
written in shapes that spell
life death
let give
let life
give life